Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adventures in Cosplay

We're going to Comicon this weekend! It's too bad Caj (my super awesome husband) has to work, but he'll be able to go Thursday and Friday night then all day Saturday. He's never been to any sort of convention so this is my early Father's Day present to him. This is also our opportunity to see how Jac (our coolest son-shine) does at a convention before he spends the rest of the weekend with family.

With me, a convention just isn't a convention without cosplay. So we'll be dressing up as characters from Death Note because that's really easy to do last minute and it's not completely embarrassing for anyone who has never cosplayed before (Caj). Naturally I'll be Amane Misa, and Jac will be so adorable as a Chibi Light with a Chibi Death Note and Chibi Ryuk (teehee!), and Caj will be L. I was having him try on clothes for the cosplay last night and he was getting all in character and everything and oh. my. word, I had my doubts but he is going to be the best L EVER. I'm so happy I married an actor. I almost ruined it last night when I was cutting a nasty old black wig we had, which I messed up phenomenally, so I'm going to the store now to get a real wig for him to wear.

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