Monday, March 12, 2012

Back From Hiatus - Mid-Life Crisis

Was my last post seriously September 1st? I've been gone for six months? Wow. Waaay too long. But the family is moved into a house now, and as if being a wife/mommy/geek didn't keep me busy enough, I now work for my friend's cleaning business and have started up a little business of my own, which I will shamelessly direct you to once everything is in order. But yeah, life is going pretty good! Except for one thing. I'm getting older. Yeah, I have a while before I hit the dreaded 30, but I'm not even there yet and I feel so devastated and cheated. In a nutshell, I have never drank so much water and used so much moisturizer in my life. I am determined to look 20-something for the rest of my life (but refuse to use plastic surgery!.) On a high note, my pants are 6 sizes smaller than they were in high school! So, I guess I'll be cosplaying a while yet. I just wish I had some awesome close cosplaying friends to keep me from feeling so discouraged.

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