Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alpacas and Honeybees!

I've just pre-ordered Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns from GameStop. I am so ecstatic!
Well, first of all, Harvest Moon has been my favorite game of all time for 13 years now, starting when I first played Harvest Moon 64 (Thank you, Kenzie!) I still remember looking everywhere for it, and being so discouraged after one game store told me it was discontinued. One night I was babysitting for the neighbors across the street from where I lived and my Mom and Dad stopped by to surprise me with the game! They were only able to find the game as a rental, but I was so happy to be able to play. Not long after that I actually was able to find the game brand new in a superstore and bought it right away! Oh happy day. I still play that game frequently. It never gets old!
Secondly, the alpaca bonus plushie! I've missed most of the newer Harvest Moon pre-order bonuses, but am really happy I was able to at least get the pig from Sunshine Islands. Too stinkin' cute! Now my piggie won't be alone and will have an alpaca friend.
Lastly, the new animals! Obviously there's the alpaca, which I think I'll name Tina. Then there's the honeybees! Oh my gosh, yay, honeybees! Oh! And an owl, which I believe is for traveling between towns.
I haven't decided which bachelor I'll pursue, as their dialogue is a major determining factor. It will probably either be Mikhail or Cam. I'll admit I always have to adjust to the new characters because I'm so used to the usual people from the older games, but I do love them all. It's a happy Harvest Moon family. For sure I'll be making Bluebell my home. The girl's Bluebell outfit is absolutely lovely~
Not a whole lot more I can say until I actually play the game. For now, as I anticipate the game's release, I will be working very hard on an adorable Harvest Moon quilt (which I now need to change to have an alpaca and bee instead of a pig.)

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