Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cosplay Is My Anti-Drug

I am stepping out of the planning and collecting materials stage of my new cosplay and am starting to finally create the pieces. I am still doing some research on the character and figuring out how I need to portray her, but I think that is a never ending part of cosplay.

Summer has been keeping us pretty busy. We spent a week at a resort in Scottsdale, two weekends with friends in Phoenix (going for a third this weekend, yay!), a weekend camping near Sunrise, and a week in Thatcher. Needless to say, we've been making the most of our summer vacation. While at home, I feel bad abandoning my husband to work on cosplay, so we've been working together finally unpacking moving boxes and getting rid of clutter. We've got one awesome looking game room, now. Unfortunately, in order to get there, our guests must survive passing through the wreckage of the rest of our house. On top of all that, we've been working on making an rpg based on one that is a classic in Caj's family, but, I digress.

My husband is in training now to prepare for the new school year, so I now have time once more to devote to cosplay. Gathering reference pictures, watching videos, and finally getting to see my costume take form has given me quite a rush. I can hardly breathe with all this anticipation. My heart races with each new idea I get for a performance. I am elated, and it's all because I see myself accomplishing something. Not just something for myself, but something I hope will bring smiles and laughs to others.

Who needs drugs when you can feel like this?

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