Monday, June 25, 2012

The Legend of Cac-Totoro

Once there was a Wifey who was terrified of spiders. One day it seemed all of the spiders in her town decided to take up residence in her home. When her Hubby was out of town on a camping trip, she had to take care of herself and kill 11 spiders! She was sick of being scared all of the time, so she became determined to do everything to get rid of them once and for all. One piece of advice she was given was to put some eucalyptus around the house - bugs and spiders hate the smell of eucalyptus! She didn't have any access to eucalyptus, and she found out that the youngest ones at the local nursery cost $99! She didn't have that sort of money, so she found a store that sold eucalyptus seeds for really cheap and decided to grow her own.

Now this little Wifey had a brown thumb. Everything she tried to grow became sick and died. But she loved trying to grow plants anyway. To improve her chances of growing something, she bought four eucalyptus growing kits. Surely at least one will grow. She soaked the peat pellet and planted the seeds, and waited patiently for her trees to grow. But what appeared were not the eucalyptus trees she was expecting...

Little Cactus Totoro! They were shy at first... Hiding in the shadows...

But soon they invited many more of their friends!

While the Wifey was delighted by these CacToro, she was still a little sad. What she needed was her eucalyptus tree to keep the spiders away.

So the CacToro set to work, like any wonderful Totoro does best, to help the tree to grow.
And one night... POP!

Many, many eucalyptus sprouts burst from their soil growing tall!
The overjoyed Wifey exclaimed, "Thank you, CacToro! I couldn't grow anything without you!"

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