Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phoenix Comicon - Take 2 - 2012, that is!

So, we ended up volunteering at Comicon and it was a huge success. First of all, my Tsumugi cosplay was finished just in time and I couldn't be happier with my first fully self-made cosplay. I keep inspecting the jacket and thinking, "Wow, I made this. I MADE this." I don't like to brag, I'm just really happy that I'm HAPPY with something that I've done. Unfortunately, we lost the memory card for our camera and couldn't take any pictures. All I have are some lousy ones we took with my phone because we were bored while waiting for the light rail. I'll post them, but I promise I'll get something more professional soon. The main thing is, I had fun posing for the pictures. And I'm amazed with how well they turned out on a first try. Usually I have to retake a picture 5-10 times before I get one I approve of.

We had sooo much more fun this year. We volunteered Friday and Saturday in the Kids Programming. Caj helped with crowd control during Plants vs. Zombies, Ghosbusters, and Imperial Cadet Training. I spent the entire time in the art room at the coloring pages station. Kids are so funny and adorable. The Create Your Own My Little Pony presentation was PACKED and made me realize how much I need to have a little girl. Strangely though, when I was at my in-laws on Memorial Day, I was drawing ponies for my niece and before I know it, my nephew and son are begging me to draw Rainbow Dash for them. HaHa, is it wrong for me to turn Jac into a bronie? HeHe... Bronie... it sounds like Brownie. Well, it seems we did our job right because they were practically begging us to volunteer again on Sunday. I explained we had religious obligations and were unable to, but assured them we'd return next year. We're actually looking forward to Comicon now! What an improvement from last year. I guess we're just the kind of people who need to have a purpose somewhere and be contributing to something.

Because we were volunteering so much, we didn't get much time to see panels. We just barely made it to the last half of the spotlight on Colin Ferguson which I am so glad we got to see. That man is hilarious! He seemed very laid back and cool, I'm not sure how to say it, but, humble for a celebrity. Approachable! Is that the word I'm looking for? *shrug* I'll take it. Anyway, I'm a bigger fan now than ever before. I'm so glad when seeing an actor in person they exceed my expectations rather than disappoint. I've had so many disappointments... But he rocked! So, thank you, Colin Ferguson for highlighting our con experience! We also made it to the Masquerade. It was my first time at a Masquerade so I'm not sure how it compared to others, but I've heard nothing but bad things. I enjoyed it, enough, but was left hoping that surely there was more to a Masquerade than that. It seems half the contestants didn't show, or something. While I'm glad they didn't exclude walk-ons (as I'm currently a solo cosplayer, myself, and have heard of conventions not allowing anything but skits) I still wanted to see skits. I think there was one. That's it. I've heard a lot of complaints about the rules and how the Masquerade was run, so I think I'll have to look into it more to understand better. All I have to say was I totally geeked out over little Sauron. And Gir. Oh my gosh, Gir had me in a fit of giggles that I could not contain.

My poor, future children. What kind of mother will they have?

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